Men Helping Men

Men Helping Men – As boys and as men, we often view one another as competitors; for our parents’ attention, in sports, in classes, for mates, for jobs. In pre-history this competition was for the survival of our species. Today the pressures to compete in an ever more complex world drive men to lots of unhealthy behaviors. To the extent that this competitive attitude isolates us from other men and from our communities, it is killing us, literally. Men who suffer isolation are less healthy, less happy, less successful and die early. Coupled with other health risks, emotionally isolated men are more than 2 times more likely to die prematurely. Tragically, we often feel alone even with our families and loved ones. The prevalence of alcoholism, depression, violence, suicide and many other addictive and self-destructive behaviors are directly linked to the fact that men in our societies are disconnected from themselves and from each other.

There is another way! The skills of relationship are learnable. In the ManKind Project, we often talk about these skills as growing our connection to feeling, waking up, or building emotional intelligence. You can learn to stop being enslaved by your anger or fear, learn to share openly without shame the deepest parts of yourself, learn to express love and joy in a way that fosters powerful relationships, learn to feel safe and whole around men and women. Emotional literacy is widely recognized today as the most important factor in creating a successful and deeply satisfying life. You can continue to think your way through life, pushing away the unpleasant feelings that are cycling through your mind and body, but you will miss most of the experiences that make life worth living.

That’s not what you want. You want to live fully.

The New Warrior Training Adventure could be for you.

The ManKind Project supports men. We help each other. Through our trainings, our social networks and our ongoing men’s groups we engage one another at a deep emotional level, sharing the highs and the lows. Having a broad support structure leads to healthier coping mechanisms and better physical and emotional health, life-long. You will be able to create and maintain relationships with men that are not just socially satisfying, but that will help you move forward in meaningful ways in your life.

Your family will benefit, your work will benefit, your friendships will benefit. Many men experience a level of aliveness that they have never known before. We challenge each other to keep growing. We support each other in all our life’s experiences. Competitive energy no longer isolates us from each other, but becomes a spice in our relationships, helping each of us to become the men we want to be.